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Memories of a wedding in the French Alps

A palate cleanser (sorbet or calvados) was served between each dish. We all sang classic songs such as ‘À la claire fontaine’ and amusing ones such as ‘J’entends le lit qui craque’ (‘I hear the bed creaking’).

Escapades |

Le 14 Juillet de mon village de France

« Nous allons maintenant observer une minute de silence pour les morts des guerres de 14-18, 39-45 et celles à venir » À ce moment-là, un vacarme se fit entendre de l’autre côté : Gégène juché sur son vieux vélo arrivait en hurlant « Popol, les vaches de l’Ernest sont dans mon champ ! ».

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Postcards from France

Last year the postcard celebrated its 120th birthday. Despite emails, electronic cards and SMS, it is still a very popular choice. More than 350 million are sold each year in France: that’s about six per person. So what are you waiting for? Find a postcard and a pen and write to someone you love!

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Comment soigner le mal du pays

Qu’est-ce qui vous manque le plus du doux pays de votre enfance ? La langue, la nourriture, les paysages, la culture, la famille ou la façon de vivre ? Même s’il n’y a pas de cure, il y a plein de choses qui peuvent atténuer votre douleur et bon nombre d’entre elles n’existaient pas il y a 40 ans.

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Easter bells and bunnies

The chocolatiers in France make eggs that are not only delicious but also works of art. Their window displays are very elaborate and a feast for the eyes. Their creations often look too beautiful to be eaten!

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The Treasure of Living a Bilingual Life

Living with two languages ??and two cultures is like living a double life and it is a treasure for a lifetime. I was born in France and I spent half my life in Australia where I live today with my wife and three children who all enjoy being bilingual.

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France and Australia

Individual perceptions and understanding of another country and another culture can be very personal or they can be very general, drawing on a collective point of view that one just follows. They can also evolve over time and be influenced by events.

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Starting the new year, the French way

As soon as Noël is over, the time for étrennes is around the corner. Since the 18th century, when you give your postman his étrennes, he gives you a calendar which you hang in your kitchen until next year…(Unless the postman had one too many apertif on his way to your place.)