12 04, 2013

The best of French in New York: A French-filled evening of luxury and cognac

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In New York City there’s always an event happening – an art show, a book launch, a new bar or restaurant opening. Any day of the week there will be a long list of places throwing some kind of fete that you want to go to. I, of course, am fixated on attending all the French ones.

7 02, 2013

The best of French in Chicago: a sip of history & intrigue with Lucid Absinthe

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The once-banned, French-distilled absinthe is back in vogue in Chicago. And, thanks to the efforts of Lucid Absinthe, it's easier than ever to give 'the green fairy' a try on its own, mixed with water and an optional sugar cube, or in a modern or classic cocktail.

20 12, 2012

The best of French in Chicago: Cheers to enjoying French craft beer in the Windy City!

By |2013-06-24T12:15:44+10:00Dec 20, 2012|2 Comments

What if I told you France produces great-tasting, high-quality craft beers? Would you be surprised? If so, you're not alone. France does indeed offer some of the finer things in life - including beer.

18 04, 2012

Boulangeries, sunshine and nakamals

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Positioned 20,000kms away from the Hexagon and a mere 1500km from the east coast of Australia sits an island. It has boulangeries, pâtisseries, and snorkelling that rivals the Great Barrier Reef. Its people speak the language of Voltaire, but their skins bake under the same intense sunshine that beats down on Queensland.

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