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26 09, 2012

EXCLUSIVE MEMBER OFFER: The secret to being ‘So Frenchy So Chic’

By |2013-04-29T05:50:59+10:00Sep 26, 2012|23 Comments

Cartell and Ma Vie Française™ are offering you a little something to help you along the road to becoming just a little more Frenchy, and a little more chic. How could that be possible, you ask? Why, with a special little discount on early bird tickets, of course!

10 09, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Radauer-Plank & Dumont – Why B-minor when you can C A-major?

By |2013-04-26T05:44:54+10:00Sep 10, 2012|3 Comments

I instantly understand what more intelligent critics than I mean when they talk about the 'Romantic' period. What, you think I’m too much of a guy to be mature about this? C’mon now, I can Handel this, don’t be Hayden.

4 06, 2012

La Normandie au rythme du jazz français

By |2013-04-29T05:40:46+10:00Jun 4, 2012|0 Comments

Pour la 31ème année consécutive, la ville de Coutances a rassemblé une centaine de musiciens amateurs et professionnels qui ont animé le festival, 'Jazz sous les pommiers'. A cette occasion, la petite ville normande de moins de 10 000 habitants a été plongée dans une ambiance très festive.

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