7 10, 2020

Literary translators: do they get the recognition they deserve?

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Literary translators work behind the scenes, painstakingly sifting through the right words to be able to capture the voice of an author and make it just as meaningful in another language. But do they get the recognition they deserve?

16 12, 2014

Inside French artists’ homes with the Alliance Française Paris Île-de-France

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To delve more into the lives of Balzac, Bourdelle or Zadkine, follow the same path as the students at Alliance Française Paris Île-de-France in these heavenly places: for a complete immersion in French culture, as well as enjoying a moment suspended in serenity and happiness.

30 12, 2011

Making Languages Fun!

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The goal of LCF is to teach language through having fun. Through the magic of games, songs, worksheets, art projects, and role-playing, children discover just how much fun learning a language can be. The atmosphere is relaxed & lesson plans are absolutely magnificent- well thought out, easy to execute, comprehensive, and a delight for both the teacher and the children.

25 10, 2011

Advice for struggling French language students – 1

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Episode 1: Camille's evaluation of group classes and private tutors. Many people learned some French in High school, college, or even through an adult education class. But how can you continue to learn French once the structured grammar classes have been completed? How can you learn conversational French? How can you become fluent?

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