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Review: Books, Baguettes and Bedbugs

An altercation with a source sees Jeremy Mercer quit his job as a crime reporter fly to Paris. He doesn’t have a job, a visa or a plan. He stumbles into Shakespeare and Co., the legendary English language bookshop and soon joins other budding writers who ‘pay’ to stay by working at the store and promising to read a book a day.

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Review: The Gourmet

For the protaganist, Pierre Arthens, food is everything. As France’s greatest food critic he has eaten the world’s finest dishes. In his final days, he is obsessed with rediscovering a flavour from his past. He searches through memories of his childhood, adolescence and adulthood, desperate to taste it once more.

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Guédelon castle

In the heart of the forest of Puisaye in Yonne, Burgundy, a team of fifty people are building a castle using the very same techniques, tools and materials used in the Middle Ages. When completed in the 2020s, it should be an authentic recreation of a 13th century medieval castle.

Escapades |

Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux

The Place des Quinconces in Bordeaux is one of the largest city squares in Europe… The square’s centrepiece is the Girondist monument. It pays tribute to the Girondists of the French Revolution and the French Republic.

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Review: Sorbonne Confidential

Sorbonne Confidential is an exposé on France’s archaic, relentlessly theoretical and possibly discriminatory education system. When the book was published…it generated considerable debate.

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Review: I’m Gone

I’m Gone by Jean Echenoz (translated by Mark Polizzotti) won the Prix Goncourt…It was an immediate bestseller in France, and since being translated into English, it has made a significant impact on that market too. The New York Times’ Book Review described it as ‘vivid and entertaining’.

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Interview: Sandra Gulland – 2

Episode 2: On Josephine, Louise and Claude (the heroines of her historical novels). “It’s something in the woman’s story that interests me, that draws me in. In the case of Josephine, it was the fact that her amazing life was foretold, long before she even went to France.”

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Interview: Sandra Gulland – 1

Episode 1: On herself, the writing process and her French favorites. Sandra is an American-born Canadian novelist. She has written a novel about Louise de la Vallière, Louis XIV’s mistress, and a trilogy of novels about the life of Josephine Bonaparte.

Vie Française Interviews |

Interview: Susan Paulson

The Five Senses of Paris is a travel experience for women. Where women would come together in Paris, with me, and experience Paris from a creative perspective. Where one could engage, or observe, the arts, ask questions and listen to authors, poets, chefs, and documentary film makers… recreating the salons of the 18th century.

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Review: Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong

As Nadeau is a French-speaking Quebecker and Barlow is an English-speaking Canadian, and they spent two years living in France, they provide great insights into the cultural and economic differences between America, Canada and France.