27 08, 2012

The best of French in Melbourne: Let them eat… macarons

By |2013-06-24T14:12:56+10:00Aug 27, 2012|4 Comments

The macaron’s precise origins are debatable, and it may never be known who exactly dreamed up the concoction of meringues laced with almond buttressing. Judging by the millions of them eaten yearly, they will keep on their merry, flamboyant way for years to come.

29 09, 2011

I am not a Francophile, but…

By |2014-11-27T12:01:19+11:00Sep 29, 2011|4 Comments

As a child, I did not dress up in a beret, watch old French movies or dream of walking along the Seine with a baguette in hand. Like many Americans, I spent my youth learning Spanish and enjoyed a semester of college 'studying' abroad in Barcelona. That was when I fell in love with Europe - but not necessarily France...

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