26 09, 2011

Elsa Lenthal – Keeping a Tradition Alive

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Elsa Lenthal is currently enjoying the best of life in France, with roots in Provence and aspirations in Paris. For five years, Elsa studied film and cinema production at school, in the capital city. She now works in Paris most of the year as an Assistant Director in the film industry. In the summer, she returns to her parents' home in les Alpilles near Les Baux de Provence to spend the warmer months with her friends and family... This lovely, young woman is far from idle in the summer months. Elsa is single-handedly trying to maintain the tradition of creating lavender fuseaux, an old artisan craft.

18 09, 2011

Souvenir de mon premier voyage aux Etats-Unis

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L’idée d’un petit guide destiné aux adolescents francophones allant faire pour la première fois un séjour aux États-Unis, m’est venue lors d’une conversation entre une amie et moi. En effet, mon amie me demanda un jour, qu'est-ce que je ressentie lorsque après plus de vingt heures de voyage je foulai enfin le sol américain. Je me suis rappelée alors ma première venue...

6 08, 2011

August in Paris – to go or not to go?

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In 2008, we lived in the Montmartre area of Paris ... On August 1, we went to our favorite restaurant to discover, much to our dismay, that they would be closed for a month and a half, closing August 1, re-opening September 15. At first I thought, 'How weird, why would anyone close for a month-and-a-half?'

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