Experience Lyon: the ultimate guide to Lyon arts and culture

The Ultimate Guide to Lyon arts and culture is a ‘must-read’ in order to really appreciate all there is to offer. Nestled at the confluence of the Rhone and Saône rivers, Lyon’s beautiful streets are filled with iconic bouchons, history, and art. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to arts and culture in France’s third-largest city, Lyon.

Some travelers use a checklist, ticking off monuments and ‘must see’ sights. Others prefer to meander and go where the wind blows. Lyon has many unique museums around the city worth discovering for first-time and returning visitors alike.

However, Lyon is also the perfect city for slowing down, getting lost, and making discoveries around every corner.

Lyon’s impressive views, magnificent parks, and picturesque neighborhoods provide a perfect backdrop for getting creative and inspired.

We’ve reached into our archives and uncovered some unique suggestions for experiencing arts and culture in Lyon. Check out these unusual experiences on offer:

Experience literature in Lyon: through eyes of a bibliophile

MyFrenchLife™ - MyFrenchLife.org - French Books - Francophile Bibliophile - One of Lyons bookstores

It is well-known that Lyon is the French capital of gastronomy, but rather than eating your way through this city what about exploring literature in Lyon?

Let’s discover a different Lyon through the eyes of Francophone bibliophiles – literature in Lyon for lovers of reading, writers and collectors of books, in French!

There can be substantial satisfaction gained in the sense that you’re helping small French bookstores survive and in Lyon, you can do just that, I can vouch for it!

Livres d’occasion, known both as second-hand books and bookshops are Lyon’s unspoken treasures…Read more

Experience Lyon: channeling your inner French poet

What if you could be a poet for a day? Find how to channel your inner French poet, while taking a walk through Lyon. This Lyon poetry guide will help you to relax, find awareness, and discover poetry in your senses.

France’s history is rich with poetry. RimbaudVerlaine, and Baudelaire to name a few.

Angst may come to mind when you think of these poets.

But, not anymore.

This Lyon poetry guide promises to skip the angst and take France as its muse (unless angst is your muse, of course).

Poetry also serves positive benefits to your health, such as increased sense of well-being. So, sit back, relax, and channel your inner French poet with this Lyon poetry guide…Read more

Arts and culture in Lyon: la mode française

Here at MyFrenchLife™, we are always trying to find ways that we can experience France beyond the cliché.

When travelling to France, nothing beats being able to immerse yourself in the true vie française, far removed from the usual tourist traps.

We want all the savvy tips on where to go to meet locals; how to imitate that famous French style; and how to perfect a French accent so we’ll be speaking like a local.

For us budding French speakers, there are plenty of great language courses out there… but many of us don’t want to travel all the way to France to find ourselves stuck in a classroom. Instead, we’ve discovered we can experience the best of both worlds – finding a course that is interesting and helps you to immerse yourself fully in French…Read more

What’s your favorite arts and culture experience in Lyon?  Should we add it to this ultimate Guide? Share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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