Paris Saint-Germain: the revival of French soccer

This year, Paris has the opportunity to demonstrate its strength, cohesion and the maturity of its team in the lead up to the Champion’s League, the biggest competition in the world. Who knows, the arrival of David Beckham to the French club might also change their game…

Germaine Chaumel, photographe française

Depuis son appartement rue Saint-Etienne, elle observe. La guerre fait rage et Germaine Chaumel ouvre son studio photographique en plein cœur de la ville rose. Là, elle y réalise des portraits de la bonne société toulousaine, des photographies de publicité et d’art.

Trusting the new patisserie

Each time I go to Paris, I rent an apartment in a different neighborhood so that I may experience the new. Which is a good thing in every way except one… Each year I must accustom myself to a new patisserie.