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Paris as seen by the French New Wave

France experienced a massive cinema revolution during the 1960s. The post-war film industry was shaken up by a new generation of young Parisian filmmakers who called themselves the ‘French New Wave’.

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Paris vu par la Nouvelle Vague

La France des années 1960 connaît une véritable révolution cinématographique. Jeune et fraîche génération parisienne, les cinéastes du courant qu’ils nomment ‘Nouvelle Vague’ troublent le cinéma français d’après-guerre.

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Maurice Pialat – French painter and filmmaker

Pialat once said “if you’re not a genius, you might as well stop”. Before becoming a well-respected filmmaker, Maurice Pialat was very involved in painting in his teenage years. Lacking confidence for his future, he quickly abandoned painting to focus on cinema.

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French escapades: the legend of Saint-Tropez

A small, charming village in the south of France, Saint-Tropez has been the centre of a veritable cult since the end of the 19th century. An quaint port and place of relaxation, sun and artistic inspiration, it was hard to keep its location secret for very long.