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“I’ve had a long and passionate interest in France and especially French food. An American now based in Madison, WI, I’ve lived and worked in Paris as a reporter for CBS News and in Burgundy as a teacher. I’m the author of Eat Smart in France and Eat Smart in Portugal, both culinary travel guides. See my web page for further information.”
4 07, 2013

En vacances: my favorite French vacation spots

By |2013-07-04T13:49:34+10:00Jul 4, 2013|2 Comments

I would walk into the village for breakfast and drink my morning coffee on a restaurant terrace with views of the Bay of St. Tropez. I spent days hiking through olive groves or sunning myself at the beach at Ramatuelle. At night, it was dinner alfresco in the gathering dark. It was magic.

15 05, 2013

Secret spots for French flâneurs: Paris from above

By |2013-05-15T15:44:56+10:00May 15, 2013|1 Comment

Every city on earth is made for walking, but some are better for it than others. On the top of my list of places to explore à pied is Paris, of course. This is especially true when I walk “in the sky,” almost above the rooftops, along the re-purposed elevated railway tracks by the Promenade Plantée.

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