18 05, 2012

Series: Ten milestones in 100 days for new French President

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The new President of France was nominated on 15 May during a very official ceremony of 'passation de pouvoir'. But even before that, François Hollande had started to work on various fronts, from taxation in France to international matters.

7 05, 2012

La France a voté le changement, maintenant!

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Once again about 80% of the French population went to the voting offices on Sunday 6 May 2012. This will no doubt be a date to remember, as it promises to open a new era for France. With 51,67 % of the votes in favour of François Hollande, the French population has voiced out its will for a change in the coming five years.

23 04, 2012

Les élections pour les Français de l’étranger

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A l’aube de l’élection présidentielle, les différents partis tentent de charmer les derniers électeurs incertains. Les cibles prioritaires sont bien évidemment les électeurs du territoire français, mais aussi les Français vivant à l’étranger.

22 12, 2011

Christmas: News of Great Joy?

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n total juxtaposition to the glamour of the season of Advent, I recently read about a rather controversial decision which would affect the capital – or a good 9.2 per cent of it this year, if the unemployment statistics are anything to go by. During my time in Paris, I remember noticing the stark and irrefutable presence of the city’s SDF (sans domicile fixe, or homeless).

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