25 02, 2013

Paris Undressed: ‘L’Amour (or less)’ – your dating stories on film

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What happens when two people from different cultures try making a romantic connection? 'L’Amour (or less)' is here to give us the comedic re-enactments of some of the rencontres taking place in the city of Paris itself.

12 06, 2012

A Guy’s Guide To Culture: Vassilena Serafimova beats it

By |2013-04-29T04:38:28+10:00Jun 12, 2012|2 Comments

Ms Serafimova is not the author’s rock and roll, in fact she’s not even rock and roll at all. This charming percussionist put on a whole show of jazz and classical drum solos that kicked it in all the right places and helped me to make my peace with drummers.

12 04, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Sylvain Blassel, harper bizarre

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Mostly what I know about the harp is that it’s a musical instrument that plays classical music, and I know harpist Sylvain Blassel recorded a very soothing CD with the harp called Bach – Goldberg Variations. I also know I saw him live, and here’s the proof of that…

18 01, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Painful Piccolo

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I get absolutely, freak-all nothing about classical music—and even less about the piccolo. I’m sure those of you who appreciate the unique brand of “music” that is the piccolo will love Jean-Louis Beaumadier’s latest effort, Pastoral. Point being, I did not care much for the music in this concert [...]

8 11, 2011

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Jean-Jacques Kantorow and Pierre-Alain Volondat Play Schuman

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Better men than I will write more insightful articles than I ever could explaining the nooks and crannies of culture. Those erudite treatises, however, are so far over most people’s heads as to cause nosebleeds. I’m here to present Parisian culture in terms so basic that even a man could understand.

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