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Our 7 favourite, truly bizarre French expressions

We’ve all had those disconcerting moments – you’re chatting casually in French when you’re stopped cold by a phrase that sounds so bizarre that you wonder if you’re actually dreaming. No, it was (usually) just an idiom.

MyFrenchLife™ - French slang - Blonde girls talking
Vie Française |

French slang: what you need to know

French slang can be terrifying: we spend years trying to perfect our grammar, master the most intelligent vocab, and sound sophisticated, and suddenly all of that’s thrown up in the air when we encounter a French person speaking in slang.

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Food shopping in Paris: where to buy what

Food shopping in Paris is an absolute dream. With boulangeries, epiceries, boucheries and patisseries lining the streets, what would elsewhere just be a dull trip around the supermarket becomes vibrant, cultural and fun.