23 09, 2015

Artisans & entrepreneurs in Paris: discover French artisans with Evanela

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Meet Lucie Knappek, founder of Evanela, an agency that invites people to discover the work of French artisans. Through workshops, Lucie shines the light on traditional artisanal techniques, from embroidery to cabinet-making.

27 02, 2015

Come with us & be inspired: entrepreneurs, innovators & creatives in France

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For many true Francophiles, our love for France is not in the clichés - not in croissants, macarons, or long strolls along the Seine. Bien sûr, these are things in which we find pleasure, but the intrigue goes much deeper. These are but the icing on the gateau...

15 05, 2013

Le discounter irlandais Primark fait son arrivée en France

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Dans quelques mois, pour aller faire du shopping à Primark, les Parisiens seront privilégiés. En effet, Primark a choisi d’installer ses premiers magasins dans la capitale française. Vous pourrez profiter de cette marque au slogan prometteur : "Amazing fashion, amazing prices" !

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