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For many true Francophiles, our love for France is not in the clichés – not in croissants, macarons, or long strolls along the Seine. Bien sûr, these are things in which we find pleasure, but the intrigue goes much deeper. These are but the icing on the gateau

Have you ever met someone whose appeal was in their complexity? Someone who, despite your best efforts, never failed to surprise you, and could never be entirely understood – even if you spent hours trying to pick their brain? And, this mysteriousness and complexity doesn’t put you off: it only serves to make you more concentrated and dogged in your efforts to decode them.

Pour nous, that’s France. And these days, the intrigue is only growing.

16284424250_149bac707f_zOld meets new France

As the modern world threatens to envelop and engulf the traditions, cultural heritage and savoir-faire that has existed in many countries – not just France – for centuries, we find ourselves at an impasse.

What do we hold onto? What do we leave behind? What modernities should we eschew in favour of tradition, and which should we embrace whole-heartedly?

One space that is changing more quickly than ever before is travel. There are now infinite ways for us to get from one place to the next, let alone book the exact ticket on the exact mode of transport we want. The list of accommodation options grows and grows, from hotels to auberges to swapping houses or renting a room in someone’s apartment.

And, if we’ve learnt one thing from our conversations and experiences working with our partner, Nomador, this is only just skimming the surface…

Enter: the sharing economy in France

As a peer-to-peer house-sitting platform, they form part of the sharing economy: a revolution changing not only the way we travel, but also the way we view people and places from all across the globe. In France, the ‘sharing’ space continues to grow, and Nomador is right at the heart of this change.

Through our own experiences exploring French lifestyle beyond the cliché, we’ve met many people who embody this change in France: innovators, entrepreneurs, big thinkers and creatives who are seeking to combine the best of the old and new in France. Some are offering travellers and locals new experiences in art, music and fashion; while others are introducing the gastronomy of other countries and cultures to the French food scene.

We can’t help but love their boldness and unique vision for the future of France. Meet the innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives and their new style of travel and sharing options.

Nomador and MyFrenchLife™ love big ideas

As a brand at the heart of the sharing economy, Nomador is as passionate as we are about social entrepreneurship. They are passionate about ideas, about using the best the digital age and modern world have to offer, whilst still holding onto the best ideas and values that have made France what it is today.

Parisian mosaic - Michael Osman

Nomador want to encourage other innovators; those who want to change the world – or even just change one person’s trip to Paris… and we at MyFrenchLife™ feel the same way.

So, we decided to combine our passion and experience to bring you these stories. These are the stories of entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives in France; of big ideas, great passion and unparalleled vision.

Journey with us as we share their stories… Stay tuned!

When you think of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity in France, is there someone who comes to mind? Do you know someone you think we should meet? Let us know in the comments below!

Come with us and be inspired:
Introduction // Quelques Femmes du Numerique // Kasia Dietz
Sandrine Benattar // Christina Montenegro // 
Tom Clarke // Felipe Perez // Marie Van Haecke // Nicolas Piègay
Lisa Vanden Bos // Chris Nielsen // Olivier Magny and Nicolas Paradis
 Lucie Knappek // Paul Arnephy // Caroline de Marchi

We love our partners!
This series was brought to life thanks to Nomador: be inspired and amazed by entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators in France.
Image credits:
1. Paris, via Unsplash.
All others © Michael Osman.

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