Presenting Parisian culture in terms so basic that even a man can understand.

How to get famous in France

Meet Frans Schuman, country/folk artist and global nomad, and learn how to get famous in France.
 Paris, France

How not to interview French musicians

Paul Prescott almost comes undone in a sonic adventure through the life and music of Charlotte & Magon.

A Guy's Guide to Culture: Charlotte & Magon: Good Moody

After you spend some time with Charlotte and Magon's tunes, they move in, they show you their dark side and become songs you turn out the lights to. When you listen to this music it speaks to you, and you get close enough to recognize the harmful in the cheer.

A Guy's Guide to Culture: French Art-itect

How many art shows have you attended where they didn't show you any art? How many exhibitions without exhibitionists? How many expos where they didn't expose? None? Me either, until I went to the unveiling of a giant painting that I never saw on the roof of the Musée du Quai Branly.
 Paris, France

Neal Black & The Healers: Black & Blues

Neal Black is not just a talented musician, he’s also my friend and if you don’t believe me, just ask Facebook. Not only did he friend me, he even let me interview him (watch this space) and got me into his show at the Meridien Etoile Jazz Club, which I got into in more ways than one.
 Paris, France

A Guy's Guide to Culture: Piano four hands with JP Armengaud & Olivier Chauzu

A four-handed piano. I’ve heard of a piano with four legs and I’ve even heard of a piano with three legs but a piano with four hands? You’ve got to hand it to me (because if you don’t, I don’t know who else will) I must be the most ignorant music reviewer ever. Hands Down.
 Paris, France

A Guy's Guide to Culture: Conversation with Gaëlle Buswel - chanteuse/musicienne française

Gaëlle Buswel est tout simplement LA chanteuse / guitariste rock-folk de l’année. Aussi généreuse que talentueuse, aussi sympa que jolie, aussi dynamique que soul, Gaëlle parle avec un sourire contagieux et une énergie qui t’accompagne pendant tout le reste de la journée.

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Gerald Cleaver's Uncle June - Leave it to Cleaver

At first, seemingly too freaky to buddy up to, June’s music settles into a groove deep enough that even a guy like me can get into it. In the end, Uncle June’s homemade jams show why jazz, coffee and older women are acquired tastes well worth the wait.

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Moe Seager – Moe better Blues

A skilled singer in styles ranging from jazz to blues, from scat to crooning, Moe can adopt someone else’s words or create his own inimitable songs anchored deep in the groove carved by his personal poetry.
 Paris, France

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Radauer-Plank & Dumont - Why B-minor when you can C A-major?

I instantly understand what more intelligent critics than I mean when they talk about the 'Romantic' period. What, you think I’m too much of a guy to be mature about this? C’mon now, I can Handel this, don’t be Hayden.