18 06, 2015

Artisans & entrepreneurs in Paris: meet Marie van Haecke of Mademoiselle Chapeaux

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Entrepreneur Marie Van Haecke takes me on a tour of of Mademoiselle Chapeaux, the milliner’s atelier in Paris where she works. The beautiful hats are pieces of art - anything she imagines, she creates.

16 07, 2014

Le showroom de Capsule: a fashion inspiration in Paris

By |2014-07-16T12:45:48+10:00Jul 16, 2014|3 Comments

I was lucky enough to join the students from the Lyon fashion school for the day in Paris, and to attend Capsule, a men's showroom. For many, it was their first opportunity to visit a showroom, and I was eager to hear about what they had learnt, and the impressions it had made on them.

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