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What does an 11-year-old girl love most about France? Live her exceptional dream with her.


Coffee in Paris: meet Tom Clark of Coutume

What do you think of the revolution of coffee in Paris?
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MyFrenchLife™ - Gemma Bovery - film review

French film review: indulge in the enchanted world of Gemma Bovery

Gemma Bovery will turn your fantasy into a reality.
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#Fautesdefrançais are the new black: the French language in turmoil

The French language isn't just backbreaking for foreigners. As it turns out, French speakers have…

Paris in May – what’s on?

Paris in May will offer you more than strolls on the seine...
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Best hot chocolate spots in the 9th arrondissement

Paris' 9th arrondissement is a great place to shop, but for when you need a…
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Off the beaten track in France: Nîmes and the spectacular Pont du Gard

Discover Nîmes: a slice of Ancient Rome in southern France's idyllic Languedoc-Roussillon region.

7 ways to see Paris differently...

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