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What does an 11-year-old girl love most about France? Live her exceptional dream with her.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are

La Parisienne parfaite: who is she - really?

Helena takes a closer look into the complex and contradictory thought processes of the ever…
 Paris, France
MyFrenchLife™ - coffee in paris - la caféothèthque

Coffee in Paris: meet Christina Montenegro of La Caféothèque

It seems the French are ready to fall in love with good coffee - but…
 Paris, France
Bernard Cadène - Arbre en Ciel - MyFrenchLife™

French artist Bernard Cadène: the painter of colours

Christelle uncovers the story of French painter Bernard Cadène and his colourful toolbox...

Paris in April – what’s on?

Paris in April is the perfect time to soak in the sights and take advantage of the city.
 Paris, France

MyFrenchLife™ - French secularism - Unity March 11 Jan 2015

Understanding 'laïcité': a knight to be remembered

Lean about French secularism, and how an 18th-century martyr and the massacre of Charlie Hebdo…
 Paris, France
MyFrenchLife™ - french film - famille

French film review: ‘La Famille Bélier’

Why are audiences all around the world talking about this film?