How to learn French online: the best resources & experts

We share three of our personal favourite online experts and resources.


Paris in photos: on walls

Imagine strolling around in Paris and seeing this...!
 Paris, France
sparkling wine - Champagne - 13.04.2014 -

Understanding the champagne trade-off: price versus quality

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get a good bottle…
internship -

La vie de stagiaire: my internship at MyFrenchLife - Alex Mealey

I came into my internship with an open mind and relatively few expectations, but I…
 Melbourne, Australia

Summer in Paris - what's on in August?

Paris in August is distinctly quieter. But this doesn't mean there is nothing to do- far from it! We've compiled a perfect list of exactly what not to miss...
 Paris, France

MyFrenchLife™ – Paris Mosque

Paris off the beaten path: Marrakech à Monge

Come with us 'off the beaten track' in Paris - today we go to the…
 Paris, France
Hard cheese - guide to fromage

The savvy Francophile's guide to fromage: hard French cheese

Find out everything there is to know about our favourite hard French cheeses here, and…
Unemployment in France

Youth unemployment in France: une grande préoccupation

Even at the end of their studies, many French students find themselves jobless.