How to learn French online: the best resources & experts

We share three of our personal favourite online experts and resources.

MyFrenchLife - Where to eat in Lille - Carbonnade

Where to eat in Lille (and what to try while you're there)

The cuisine of Northern France is traditionally French, yet, grâce aux strong Flemish influences and…
MyFrenchlife™ - expats in french society - immigration

Expats in French society: where do they fit?

Expats hold a unique place in French society – almost a place of limbo. Though…
MyFrenchLife - aperatif - aperatif for four

L'apéritif: or, how to enjoy life like the French

‘On prend l’apéro?’ is so common it has almost become a clichéd phrase in France.…

Paris in September - what's on?

Paris in September is one of our very favourite times to visit the city. We've made a list of the top things to do so you can understand why!
 Paris, France

Daisy Naylor - 23.04.14 -

Literature in Paris: finding Anglophone bookshops

With our guide to the best Anglophone bookshops in Paris, you'll never be without something…
 Paris, France
MyFrenchLife™ - guignol

Your guide to Guignol: the historic puppet who charmed France

While the nation’s favourite puppet fills theatres with laughter and smiles throughout France, the story…
 Lyon, France
MyFrenchLife™ - French Museum

The politest little Paris museum: Nissim de Camondo

We've all heard the cliché about Parisians being rude. But the charming and peaceful sanctuary…
 Paris, France