The savvy traveller's guide to the sharing revolution in France - to splurge or save?

Very few commentators – even other savvy travellers like us – are talking about this fascinating phenomenon. We were intrigued to find out more…

Kristie-Lee Clifford 1 - 10.02.2014 -

Our guide to Alsatian cuisine: what to order when in Alsace

Alsace combines the flavours of Germany and France to make some deliciously bizarre dishes. Follow…
Emily Arbuckle - 11.04.14 - 3 (400x600)

‘Populaire’ proves popular in France and Australia

'Populaire' is a sweet French movie with more substance than your average American chick-flick.
Tuong-An Huynh - 26.02.2014 -

Two Mexicans in Paris: Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera

Tuong-An Huynh visited the Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera exhibition at L’Orangerie, one of Paris'…
 Paris, France

Repetto: the story behind the classic ballet flats

Repetto ballet flats are to Parisians what the little black dress is to women worldwide. Read the story behind the French brand!
 Paris, France

Provence - 04.04.2014 -

Château La Coste: a secret place in Provence

A country location as sophisticated as any capital city; a manicured landscape, groomed like a…
 Provence, France
A guide to ordering coffee in Paris

7 Tips for ordering coffee in Paris

We’ve compiled a guide to ordering coffee in France - and actually getting what you…
 Paris, France
FLORENT ROLS - 23.09.2013 -

Zinédine Zidane: the French sportsman you need to know

Zinédine Zidane embodies the global success of French football. The native of Marseille has developed…