The savvy traveller's guide to the sharing revolution in France - to splurge or save?

Very few commentators – even other savvy travellers like us – are talking about this fascinating phenomenon. We were intrigued to find out more…

Provence - 04.04.2014 -

Château La Coste: a secret place in Provence

A country location as sophisticated as any capital city; a manicured landscape, groomed like a…
 Provence, France
A guide to ordering coffee in Paris

7 Tips for ordering coffee in Paris

We’ve compiled a guide to ordering coffee in France - and actually getting what you…
 Paris, France
FLORENT ROLS - 23.09.2013 -

Zinédine Zidane: the French sportsman you need to know

Zinédine Zidane embodies the global success of French football. The native of Marseille has developed…

Gemma Driver on foie gras: a French way of life?

Meet Gemma Driver: French gastronomic aficionado and foie gras enthusiast.

Judy MacMahon 2 - 18.03.2014 -

10 Staple items for your French kids wardrobe

When in France, don’t be surprised to find yourself out-dressed by a mademoiselle de cinq…
French museum musee de la vie romantique- Gemma King- 2

French museums off the tourist trail: Musée de la vie romantique

When it comes to French museums one is spoiled for choice. Scratch beneath Paris’ shiny…
 Paris, France
Tuong-An Huynh - 09.02.2014 -

Repetto: the story behind the classic ballet flats

Repetto ballet flats are to Parisians what the little black dress is to women worldwide.…
 Paris, France