Presidential Election 2012

20 08, 2012

Series: 10 Steps in 100 days – Back in the heat of French politics!

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In politics as in business, you get only a short time to imprint your mark and to launch major change programs: this period is usually coined as the ‘first 100 days’. François Hollande’s (FH) période de grace is now over.

11 08, 2012

Series: 10 steps in 100 days – Happy Birthday Mr. President!

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Born 11 August, 1954 in Rouen, Normandy, Hollande is a Leo with his rising star in Gemini, hence his talent for communication and his somehow placid ‘lion king’ personality. Let’s investigate how the stars may have influenced his destiny.

1 08, 2012

Series: 10 steps in 100 days – The French President’s agenda

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Do you wonder how a week in the life of normal President looks? Let’s browse Hollande’s summer agenda to get a hint of the diversity of his recent activities, until his short holiday at the official résidence d’été présidentielle.

4 06, 2012

François Hollande : président de la France

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Les hostilités entre la droite et la gauche ne sont que partie remise. L’UMP ne peut plus se permettre de perdre des élections qui s’annoncent déjà cruciales. Une victoire aux législatives donnerait les pleins pouvoirs à la gauche, un parti qui a obtenu la présidence de la République.

23 05, 2012

Series: Ten steps in 100 days – diversity & parité in new French government

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The new French government shows diversity and parité, with an equal number of men and women. A refreshing younger generation is stepping in, taking up the challenge of recovery and growth against all odds.

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