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After teaching for 20 years abroad, I mostly live now in Paris, where I feel both like a native and an expat. I enjoy being part of My French Life™ as it makes my life in Paris even more meaningful and special. I have a passion for literature and movies. I share my thoughts in my blog and on twitter.”
18 11, 2015

Nous sommes la France: the taboo question of French national identity

By |2015-11-25T20:59:05+11:00Nov 18, 2015|4 Comments

'Nous sommes la France' is a phrase that has been used to express French solidarity following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in early 2015. But who exactly is this 'nous' and what is 'France'? asks French journalist Natacha in her new book, 'Nous sommes la France'.

16 12, 2014

Inside French artists’ homes with the Alliance Française Paris Île-de-France

By |2014-12-17T09:28:56+11:00Dec 16, 2014|1 Comment

To delve more into the lives of Balzac, Bourdelle or Zadkine, follow the same path as the students at Alliance Française Paris Île-de-France in these heavenly places: for a complete immersion in French culture, as well as enjoying a moment suspended in serenity and happiness.

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