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Meet the French wedding queen and corset lover

I wanted to find out how a girl from Alaska found herself designing couture corsets in Paris, and Loanna’s story is one of absolute determination and creativity. She told me that when she was twelve years old, she saw a program on haute couture with Karl Lagerfeld.

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Lindsey Kent, Photographer

Justin and I sat quietly in the middle of the square and watched the sun rise as night became day over the Eiffel Tower. It was a moment I’ll never forget. As the birds started singing, we danced across Trocadero square and all I could think was wow, THIS is our home now…

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The tale of a true French icon

It is impossible to imagine the City of Lights without its Eiffel Tower but few are aware how very close it came to not being there today.

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The unusual side of Christmas in France

At one end of Rue Principale a huge cauldron bubbles merrily stirred by a man on a ladder with a very long spoon. This is the local liqueur – the Licquoise – much loved by the huge crowds that have congregated close by. Close by a pen is filled with noisy birds – the famed turkeys await their big moment…

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My beautiful French life

When a virgin arrived at the doors of the church at Verchin for her wedding the bell tower was so astonished that it leaned over to look and when it arose, it was twisted! It is said that the bell tower will only unwind if such a strange thing occurs a second time…

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Secrets to starting a new life in France

When I look back on it now, I really don’t know how I saw past the crappy tiled floor, the dire breeze block walls, the patches of damp and gaping holes in the roof, the corrugated iron roof and doors and the rickety ladder to the first floor…

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Interview with Anne Trager of Le French Book

“Translation is about recreating an experience you have reading, which necessarily means some kind of adaptation to get the reading pleasure across… I was frustrated in the translation because in English there are not nearly as many common words for wine barrel as there are in French.”

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French legend Astérix the Gaul comes to Pas-de-Calais

Along with most of the expats in the group, I had heard of Astérix, but knew nothing of any use to add to the passionate discussion that ensued. However, the French people seemed to know everything about this appealing character and his merry band and quoted him verbatim!

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Nord Pas-de-Calais – France’s best kept secret

I live in Pas-de-Calais and I freely admit – we don’t have the heat of the south and we don’t have the vineyards of the Loire. We do have splendid beaches, ancient buildings, fabulous architecture, charming little villages and a cultural heritage that it would be hard to beat.