23 10, 2014

Nailing the work-life balance: is the French work ethic the best in the world?

By |2021-11-22T08:44:33+11:00Oct 23, 2014|6 Comments

The French are famous for their long lunch hours and even longer August holidays. Does this means that they're not working hard, or have they found the key to being better workers than the rest of us?

24 07, 2013

Francophiles ‘Baby et Lulu’ infect Oz with French charm

By |2013-07-26T22:33:37+10:00Jul 24, 2013|0 Comments

Behind the rousing band, the twirling frocks and dramatic ballads ‘Baby et Lulu’ are simply two Francophiles living out their French fantasies to adoring crowds. “This band is really the culmination of my greatest loves! Music, harmony and French.”

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