24 01, 2013

French baking secrets: A Gabriel Gaté-inspired office bake-off

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Having grown up in the Loire Valley with 50 fruit trees in his garden, Gabriel is nostalgic when it comes to using fresh fruit in his recipes. When I interviewed him earlier in the month he said that he believed that in Australia we don’t make the most of our fresh fruit in desserts enough.

10 01, 2013

Interview: Gabriel Gate – heavily accented French desserts

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Writing a book is a beautiful exercise and an evolution in itself. You have to do lots of research, testing and constantly have to learn new techniques. It’s almost like doing a PhD; you have to come up with something new and exciting. But cooking is something that is yours and that is why it is so special.

26 11, 2012

Secrets to creative French cuisine at La Petite Maison

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La Petite Maison offers several classes a month, each focused on a specific theme or particular seasonal ingredient. The programs have been running for over five years and judging by the number of attendees, it is obvious that he has developed a loyal following.

27 08, 2012

The best of French in Melbourne: Let them eat… macarons

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The macaron’s precise origins are debatable, and it may never be known who exactly dreamed up the concoction of meringues laced with almond buttressing. Judging by the millions of them eaten yearly, they will keep on their merry, flamboyant way for years to come.

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