Getting into new French fiction

We all studied the classics at school, but how much do you know about the new generation of French fiction writers? Come with us on a literary journey across France today.

5 10, 2015

Getting into new French fiction: ‘The Travels of Daniel Ascher’ by Déborah Lévy-Bertherat

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Here at MyFrenchLife™ we are always on the lookout for new French fiction. Our writer Stephanie was thrilled to interview Déborah Lévy-Bertherat about her sensational new novel, 'The Travels of Daniel Ascher'.

26 06, 2014

New French fiction: ‘Under the Channel’ by Gilles Pétel and ‘The Greenland Breach’ by Bernard Besson

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It’s a double-whammy this month. Thrill-seekers, plump for ‘The Greenland Breach’, and detective-story-turned-psychological drama ‘Under the Channel’ makes for an unnervingly noirish read.

29 07, 2013

Getting into new French fiction: ‘The Character of Rain’ by Amélie Nothomb

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Nothomb is a slippery writer; an acquired taste – and perhaps one of the most interesting writers you ever read. As one of Francophonie’s most high profile authors, I’ve always wanted her to make an appearance in this column.

2 07, 2013

Getting into new French fiction: ‘Treachery in Bordeaux’ by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noël Balen

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“I believe you should always seek to uncover secrets” says Cooker in the opening chapter. And off he goes to crack the mystery... his quest takes in intriguing paintings, art restoration, wine microbiology, Bordeaux’s urban planning and the odd parking ticket (tossed aside, of course).

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