We all studied the classics at school, but how much do you know about the new generation of French fiction writers? Come with us on a literary journey across France today.

Getting into new French fiction: ‘The elegance of the hedgehog’ by Muriel Barbéry

I hit a rough patch. Like a rocky relationship that was going nowhere, we had to go on a bit of a break, 'Hedgehog' and I. For me, the book has a cynicism that can become wearying. Then I made it to the end. All was forgiven.

Getting into new French fiction: ‘The President’s Hat’ by Antoine Laurain

The hat is a curious deus ex machina. Its sudden entry into the lives of its wearers transforms them for the better. Daniel, emboldened by his new sartorial accessory, speaks his mind and wins a promotion. Then he misplaces the hat in turn. It is picked up by Fanny Marquant, an aspiring writer...