French Film: Learning French the natural way — more than 50 films

We’ve all been there, haven’t we!
Frustrated about how to improve our French language abilities.
That’s why we’ve put together this extraordinary selection to help you progress.

We have the pleasure of presenting a hugely rich resource! This collection is as if all your Christmases have come at once, once you start to indulge you’ll just binge!

Comprising French Film Friday —more than 50 French Films to help you with your French — a great way to improve your: listening skills, improve your accent, and practice frequently-used expressions.

Learn French the natural way with us is a comprehensive series of

  • film,
  • music,
  • podcasts, and
  • apps,
  • all ready for your total immersion, even when you can’t go to France.

It’s all about: listen, listen listen and practice, practice, practice…

C’est parti !

Here’s where to start:
Learn French the natural way with French Film Friday

- Learning French the natural way - Learning French by French Film
  1. French Film Friday: the first batch – 3 films
  2. French Film Friday: random – 4 films
  3. French Film Friday: classics – 4 films
  4. French Film Friday: Ah, Paris – 4 films
  5. French Film Friday: The best of Audrey Tautou – 4 films
  6. French Film Friday: The best of Gérard Depardieu – 3 films
  7. French Film Friday: Comedies – 3 films
  8. French Film Friday: World War Two in film – 3 films
  9. French Film Friday: Come, fall in love – 3 films
  10. French Film Friday: Chick flicks – 3 films
  11. French Film Friday: The queer side of France – 3 films
  12. French Film Friday: Our bucket list – 3 films
  13. French Film Friday: ‘Tis the season – 3 films
  14. French Film Friday: Who says animated films are just for children? – 3 films
  15. French Film Friday: Ready for some action? – 3 films
  16. French Film Friday: More action coming your way – 3 films
  17. French Film Friday: Spotlight on director François Ozon – 3 films
  18. French film Friday: Crazy for Adjani – 3 films
  19. French Film Friday: Music biopics – 2 films
  20. Special—French Film Friday: the female protagonist – top 5 favourite films
  21. Special—French Film Friday: easy watching – our top 5 favourite films
  22. Special—French Film Friday: harsh realities – our top 5 favourite films

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